Provided by: libpodofo-utils_0.9.6+dfsg-4_amd64 bug


       podofoencrypt - encrypt PDF files and set PDF security settings


       podofoencrypt   [--rc4v1]   [--rc4v2]   [--aes]  [-u  <userpassword>]  -o  <ownerpassword>
       <inputfile> <outputfile>


       podofoencrypt is one of the command line  tools  from  the  PoDoFo  library  that  provide
       several  useful  operations  to work with PDF files. It can encrypt PDF files using RC4 or
       AES encoding and can set PDF security settings.


              Display the help text


                     Use rc4v1 encryption

                     Use rc4v2 encryption (Default value)

                     Use aes encryption (currently not supported)


              -u <password>
                     An optional user password

              -o <password>
                     The required owner password



                     Allow printing the document


                     Allow modification of the  document  besides  annotations,  form  fields  or
                     changing pages


                     Allow extraction of text and graphics


                     Add  or  modify  text annotations or form fields (if ePdfPermissions_Edit is
                     set also allow the creation of interactive form fields including signature)


                     Fill in existing form or signature fields


                     Extract text and graphics to support user with disabillities


                     Assemble the document: insert, create, rotate delete pages or add bookmarks


                     Print a high resolution version of the document


       podofobox(1),    podofocolor(1),    podofocountpages(1),    podofocrop(1),    podofogc(1),
       podofoimg2pdf(1),   podofoimgextract(1),   podofoincrementalupdates(1),   podofoimpose(1),
       podofomerge(1), podofopages(1), podofopdfinfo(1),  podofotxt2pdf(1),  podofotxtextract(1),
       podofouncompress(1), podofoxmp(1)


       PoDoFo is written by Dominik Seichter <> and others.

       This  manual  page  was  written by Oleksandr Moskalenko <> for the Debian
       Project (but may be used by others).