Provided by: libpodofo-utils_0.9.6+dfsg-4_amd64 bug


       podofoxmp - Modify or extract XMP information from a PDF file


       podofoxmp [inputfile] [xmpfile outputfile]


       podofoxmp  is  one  of the command line tools from the PoDoFo library that provide several
       useful operations to work with PDF files. It can extract or modify XMP  information  in  a
       PDF file.



              Input  PDF file. This is the only option needed to extract the XMP information from
              a PDF file.


              Optional file that provides PDF XMP structure. It must be used in conjunction  with
              an [outputfile].


              Output PDF file. It is only used in conjunction with an [xmpfile].


       podofobox(1),   podofocolor(1),   podofocountpages(1),   podofocrop(1),  podofoencrypt(1),
       podofogc(1),        podofoimg2pdf(1),        podofoimgextract(1),         podofoimpose(1),
       podofoincrementalupdates(1),     podofomerge(1),     podofopages(1),     podofopdfinfo(1),
       podofotxt2pdf(1), podofotxtextract(1), podofouncompress(1)


       PoDoFo is written by Dominik Seichter <> and others.

       This manual page was written by Oleksandr Moskalenko  <>  for  the  Debian
       Project (but may be used by others).