Provided by: rtklib_2.4.3+dfsg1-1_amd64 bug


       pos2kml - convert position format to google earth kml format


       pos2kml [option]... file [...]


       Read solution file(s) and convert it to Google Earth KML file. Each line in the input file
       shall contain fields of time, position fields (latitude/ longitude/height or  x/y/z-ecef),
       and  quality  flag(option).  The  line  started  with '%', '#', ';' is treated as comment.
       Command options are as follows.  ([]:default)


       -h     print help

       -o file
              output file [infile + .kml]

       -c color
              track color (0:off,1:white,2:green,3:orange,4:red,5:yellow) [5]

       -p color
              point color (0:off,1:white,2:green,3:orange,4:red,5:by qflag) [5]

       -a     output altitude information [off]

       -ag    output geodetic altitude [off]

       -tg    output time stamp of gpst [off]

       -tu    output time stamp of utc [gpst]

       -i tint
              output time interval (s) (0:all) [0]

       -q qflg
              output q-flags (0:all) [0]

       -f n e h
              add north/east/height offset to position (m) [0 0 0]

                                           July 29 2016                                POS2KML(1)