Provided by: translate-toolkit_2.3.1-3_all bug


       poterminology - Create a terminology file by reading a set of .po or .pot files to produce
       a pootle-terminology.pot.


       poterminology [--version]  [-h|--help]  [--manpage]  [--progress  PROGRESS]  [--errorlevel
       ERRORLEVEL]  [-i|--input]  INPUT  [-x|--exclude EXCLUDE] [-o|--output] OUTPUT [-u|--update
       UPDATEFILE]  [-S|--stopword-list  STOPFILE]   [-F|--fold-titlecase]   [-C|--preserve-case]
       [-I|--ignore-case] [--accelerator ACCELERATORS] [-t|--term-words LENGTH] [--nonstop-needed
       MIN] [--inputs-needed MIN] [--fullmsg-needed  MIN]  [--substr-needed  MIN]  [--locs-needed
       MIN] [--sort ORDER] [--source-language LANG] [-v|--invert]


       toolkit/en/latest/commands/poterminology.html for examples and usage instructions.


              show program's version number and exit

              show this help message and exit

              output a manpage based on the help

              show progress as: dots, none, bar, names, verbose

              show errorlevel as: none, message, exception, traceback

              read from INPUT in po, pot formats

              exclude names matching EXCLUDE from input paths

              write to OUTPUT in po, pot formats

              update terminology in UPDATEFILE

              read    stopword    (term    exclusion)     list     from     STOPFILE     (default

              fold "Title Case" to lowercase (default)

              preserve all uppercase/lowercase

              make all terms lowercase

              ignore the given accelerator characters when matching

              generate terms of up to LENGTH words (default 3)

              omit terms with less than MIN nonstop words (default 1)

              omit  terms  appearing  in  less  than MIN input files (default 2, or 1 if only one
              input file)

              omit full message terms appearing in less than MIN different messages (default 1)

              omit substring-only terms appearing in less than MIN different messages (default 2)

              omit terms appearing in less than MIN different original source files (default 2)

       --sort output sort order(s): frequency, dictionary, length (may repeat option, default  is
              all in above order)

              the source language code (default 'en')

              invert the source and target languages for terminology

                                     Translate Toolkit 2.3.1                     poterminology(1)