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       primitivus - Salut à Toi's console interface


       primitivus [ --profile=PROFILE | --help ]


       Primitivus is Salut à Toi's console interface, based on Urwid.

       Primitivus  is modal (vi-like), one can switch from one mode to another in the same way as
       in vi/vim:

       ·   From any mode, press [Esc] to switch to normal mode.

       ·   From normal mode, press : to switch to command mode.

       ·   From normal mode, press i to switch to insert mode — the one you use to write messages
           to your contacts.

       Primitivus  can  be  handled  either  with the mouse, in a very intuitive way, or with the
       keyboard. The keyboard shortcuts are explained in the section KEYBOARD HANDLING.


       -p PROFILE
              select the profile to use

       -h     display a help message and quit


       In the sequel we use the following shortcuts:

       ·   C stands for Ctrl

       ·   M means Meta, on a PC it is usually the Alt key

       ·   S stands for Shift

   Main keys
       C-x    quit Primitivus

       C-up/down arrow
              change focus

       C-f 1
       C-f m  focus on the menu

       C-f 2
       C-f b  focus on the roster or the chat window

       C-f 3
       C-f e  focus on the edition line

       M-m    display/hide the menu

       C-n    show the next notification

       C-s    hide/redisplay a pop-up window temporarily

       F2     hide/display the roster

       C-l    refresh the screen

   Chat rooms
       M-j    join a chat room

       M-p    hide/display the list of participants

       M-t    hide/display timestamps

       M-n    use/don't use short nicks

       M-l    hide/display frame decorations

       M-s    change the room's topic appearance by switching between:

              ·   one single line (the topic is cut if it's too long)

              ·   the full topic

              ·   topic hidden

   Edition line
       [home] move the cursor at the beginning of the line

       [end]  move the cursor at the end of the line

       C-k    erase the line, starting at the cursor's position

       C-w    erase the last word

              invoke completion (dependent on the context)

       up/down arrows
              browse sent messages history

       M-d    hide/display offline contacts

       M-s    hide/display contacts' status messages

   Card game
       space  select a card


       The following commands must be typed in command mode (type [Esc] to switch to normal mode,
       then the : at the beginning of the command will switch to command mode).

       :quit  quit Primitivus

              display log messages (see also the SAT_LOG_LEVEL environment variable in sat(1))

       :presence [status]
              set  your  presence  status.  Invoked  without argument, a pop-up will allow you to
              choose your presence status; otherwise, you can use the following arguments:


              chat   (free to chat)

              away   (away from keyboard)

              dnd    (do not disturb)

              xa     (extended away)

       :status [message]
              set your status message. Invoked without argument, a pop-up will allow you to enter
              a message.

              set  the  number  of  lines of history to display in the chat window (:history 0 to
              clear the window)




       Salut à Toi was written by Jérôme Poisson <>.

       This man page was converted from the help  message  and  Salut  à  Toi's  wiki  by  Matteo
       Cypriani  <> for the Debian distribution (2013).  It is released under the terms
       of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license (CC-By-SA 3.0).