Provided by: prometheus-pgbouncer-exporter_1.7-1_all bug


       prometheus-pgbouncer-exporter - Export metrics from pgbouncer to Prometheus


       usage:  prometheus-pgbouncer-exporter  [-h]  [--version] [-c CONFIG] [--port PORT] [--host
       HOST]     [--pgbouncer-port     PGBOUNCER_PORT]     [--pgbouncer-user      PGBOUNCER_USER]
       [--pgbouncer-host     PGBOUNCER_HOST]     [--database     DATABASE]    [--licence-location

       Args that start with '--' (eg. --version) can also be set in a config file (specified  via
       -c).  The  recognized  syntax  for setting (key, value) pairs is based on the INI and YAML
       formats (e.g. key=value or foo=TRUE). For full documentation of the differences  from  the
       standards please refer to the ConfigArgParse documentation. If an arg is specified in more
       than one place, then commandline values  override  environment  variables  which  override
       config file values which override defaults.

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

              Show the version

       -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
              config file path [env var: CONFIG]

       --port PORT
              Port on which to expose metrics [env var: PORT]

       --host HOST
              Host on which to expose metrics [env var: HOST]

       --pgbouncer-port PGBOUNCER_PORT
              Port to connect to pgbouncer [env var: PGBOUNCER_PORT]

       --pgbouncer-user PGBOUNCER_USER
              User to connect to pgbouncer with [env var: PGBOUNCER_USER]

       --pgbouncer-host PGBOUNCER_HOST
              Host on which to connect to pgbouncer [env var: PGBOUNCER_HOST]

       --database DATABASE
              Databases  to  report  metrics  for,  if this is not specified, all metrics will be
              reported [env var: PGBOUNCER_DATABASES]

       --licence-location LICENCE_LOCATION
              The location of the  licence,  linked  to  through  the  web  interface  [env  var: