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       protracker - ProTracker 2.3D clone for modern computers


       protracker file


       protracker  is  a  multi-platform  clone of the classic music making software "ProTracker"
       (version 2.3D) from the Commodore Amiga days. Aims to work exactly like you  remember  it,
       with added features and fixes. Music created in ProTracker uses the MOD file format.

       The  original  ProTracker  was written 1990. The original has a setup screen (this version
       can be setup using ~/.protracker/protracker.ini). MIDI support and split keys (usually for
       MIDI situations) are not implemented.

       This  version  has  a  WAV  sample  loader/saver  with support for loops/name/volume chunk
       attributes  from  sampler  exported  WAVs.  STK   (The   Ultimate   Soundtracker)   loader
       (effects/sample loop types). Loading of PowerPacker'd MODs. 128 kB sample support. MOD2WAV
       for exporting the song to .WAV.


       schismtracker(1), hivelytracker(1), goattracker(1), ccutter(1), milkytracker(1).

                                          August 08 2018                            protracker(1)