Provided by: profile-sync-daemon_6.31-1_all bug


       psd-overlay-helper - Script to use overlay file system for profile-sync-daemon.


       Profile-sync-daemon   (psd)   is   a   tiny   pseudo-daemon  designed  to  manage  browser
       profile/profiles in tmpfs and to periodically sync back to the  physical  disc  (HDD/SSD).
       This  is  accomplished by an innovative use of rsync to maintain synchronization between a
       tmpfs copy and media-bound backup  of  the  browser  profile/profiles.  Additionally,  psd
       features several crash recovery features.

       The  psd-overlay-helper  script is used internally to enable the usage of the overlay file
       system. It should not be called by the user directly.


       Users wishing to contribute to this code, should fork and send a pull request.  Source  is
       freely available on the project page linked below.


       ·  Project page:

       ·  Wiki page:


       graysky (graysky AT archlinux DOT us)

                                           13 June 2016                     psd-overlay-helper(1)