Provided by: psk31lx_2.2-1_amd64 bug


       psk31lx - a terminal based ncurses program for psk31


       psk31lx [-h] [-l] [-q] [-t serialdevice] [-x] [-v]


       psk31lx  uses  the  soundcard  to receive and transmit PSK31, an extremely narrow band HF-
       mode.  PSK31 is a mode for keyboard QSO’s.  psk31lx is a  simple  terminal  based  program
       that  uses  ncurses  to display received text and input text to transmit.  There is also a
       phase scope and spectrum analyzer to aid in tuning.


       -h     printf this message

       -l     Invert phase shift for LSB mode

       -q     Enable QPSK mode

       -t device
              Specify the PTT device. Default is /dev/ttyS1.  For the first serial device use  -t

       -v     print version number

       -x     TX tracks RX freq


       The following keys are used to control psk31lx

       Ctrl A - toggle afc

       Ctrl B - toggle BPSK/QPSK

       Ctrl C - exit/terminate

       Ctrl K - toggle NET on/off

       Ctrl L - toggle LSB/USB

       Ctrl R - RX mode

       Ctrl T - TX mode

       Ctrl U - tune mode

       Ctrl K - toggle NET

       Ctrl W - CW ID

       Ctrl X - Clear all windows

       ESC    - Exit

       Up Arror    - increase rx freq + 1 Hz

       Down Arrow  - decrement rx freq - 1 Hz

       Right Arrow - increase rx freq by 8 Hz

       Left Arrow  - decrease rx freq by 8 Hz


       More information about psk31lx is available on its website,


       Please send bug reports to:


       psk31lx was written by Hansi Reiser, DL9RDZ and modified by Ted Williams, WA0EIR.

                                          April 25, 2011                               PSK31LX(1)