Provided by: ncl-ncarg_6.5.0-2_amd64 bug


       psplit - a tool for splitting PostScript files with multiple frames into individual
       PostScript files, or simply determining the number of pages in a file.


       usage: psplit [-c] input_file [output_file_root]


       "psplit" takes a PostScript file as input (that may have multiple pictures) and splits it
       into individual PostScript files having a single frame each.  If the original file has a
       %%BoundingBox comment in it, then that comment will be inserted into each output file and
       the output files will be EPS (encapsulated PostScript) conforming.  If the original file
       does not have a %%BoundingBox comment, then the output files will not have one either.  In
       that case, if you want the output files to be EPS files, use the "ps2epsi" utility that is
       based on GhostScript.  If the -c option is present, then only the number of pages in
       input_file is reported.

       "psplit" is primarily intended to be used with PostScript files that have been produced
       directly by NCAR Graphics, or produced from NCAR Graphics by running "ctrans" with a
       PostScript graphcap.  However, "psplit" will also work on most PostScript files adhering
       to PostScript Document Structuring Conventions (DSC).

       By default the output files are named in sequence as "", "", and so
       forth.  If you want to specify a different root name for the output files (i.e. a name
       different from "pict"), you can specify that by entering the optional second argument.


       Copyright (C) 2000
       University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

       The use of this Software is governed by a License Agreement.