Provided by: hugin-tools_2018.0.0+dfsg-3build1_amd64 bug


       pto_var - change image variables inside Hugin .pto project files


       pto_var [options] --opt|--link|--unlink|--set "image variables list input.pto


       pto_var is a command line tool, suitable for inclusion in shell scripts, and allows the
       change of image variables inside a Hugin .pto project file.  Optimisation variables can be
       set, altered, linked and unlinked, The following image variables are allowed:

           position: y, p, r, TrX, TrY, TrZ lens parameters: v, a, b, c, d, e, g, t photometric
           parameters: EeV, Er, Eb, Vb, Vc, Vd, Vx, Vy, Ra, Rb, Rc, Rd, Re (Vignetting and
           response parameter will treated as group.)

       The image numbers start with zero.  If the number is missing this applies to the variables
       of all images (In this case a special treatment applies to the position of the anchor
       image).  An exclamation mark before the variable will remove the variable from the list of
       variables to optimised.


       -o|--output = file.pto
           Output Hugin PTO file. Default: <filename>_var.pto

           Shows help

       --opt varlist
            Change optimizer variables

              Modify the existing optimizer variables
              (without pto_var will start with an
               empty variables set)
              --opt=y,p,r           Optimize yaw, pitch and roll of all images
                                    (special treatment for anchor image applies)
              --opt=v0,b2           Optimize hfov of image 0 and barrel distortion
                                    of image 2
              --opt=v,!v0           Optimize field of view for all images except
                                    for the first image
              --modify-opt --opt=!v will not optimize field of view.
              --opt=!a,!b,!c        Don't optimise distortion (works only with
                                    switch --modify-opt together)

       --link varlist
              --link=v3          Link hfov of image 3
              --link=a1,b1,c1    Link distortions parameter for image 1

       --unlink varlist
              --unlink=v5        Unlink hfov for image 5
              --unlink=a2,b2,c2  Unlink distortions parameters for image 2

       --set varlist
              --set=y0=0,r0=0,p0=0  Resets position of image 0
              --set=Vx4=-10,Vy4=10  Sets vignetting offset for image 4
              --set=v=20            Sets the field of view to 20 for all images
              --set=y=val+20        Increase yaw by 20 deg for all images
              --set=v=val*1.1       Increase fov by 10 % for all images
              --set=y=i*20        Set yaw to 0, 20, 40, ...

       --set-from-file filename
                                    Sets variables to new values
                                    It reads the varlist from a file


       Thomas Modes

"Version: 2018.0.0"                         2018-11-24                                 PTO_VAR(1)