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       pttree - prints a quick overview of the contents of PyTables HDF5 files.


       pttree [ OPTIONS ] filename[:nodepath]


       pttree  is  designed  to  give a quick overview of the contents of a PyTables HDF5 file by
       printing a depth-indented list of  nodes,  similar  to  the  output  of  the  Unix  `tree`
       function.  It can also display the size, shape and compression states of individual nodes,
       as well as summary information for the whole file.  For a more verbose  output  (including
       metadata), see `ptdump`.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -L MAX_DEPTH, --max-level MAX_DEPTH
              maximum branch depth of tree to display (-1 == no limit)

       -S SORT_BY, --sort-by SORT_BY
              artificially order nodes, can be either "size", "name" or "none"

              print size of each node/branch


              print shape of each node


              print compression library(level) for each compressed node


              print size of each node as a % of the total tree size on disk


              report sizes in SI units (1 MB == 10^6 B)

              report sizes in binary units (1 MiB == 2^20 B)

       -h     Print help on usage.


       These utilities are documented fully by PyTables user's manual.


       This manual page was written by Antonio Valentino <>.

                                           May 15, 2013                                 pttree(1)