Provided by: pymca_5.4.3+dfsg-1_all bug


       pymca - PyMca X-Ray Fluorescence Toolkit main application


       pymca [OPTION]... [FILE]


       Start  the  graphical  user  interface of the PyMca X-Ray Fluorescence Toolkit main window
       using latest user defined default settings.

       If FILE is given, it will be opened in the program provided its format is supported.

       -f bypass user defined default settings


       pymca -f

       Start the program bypassing user defined default settings.

       pymca -f LShellConstants.dat

       Open the LShellConstants.dat and list its contents in the source browser.

       pymca -f your_HDF5_file.h5

       Allows one to browse the HDF5 file your_HDF5_file.h5 in PyMca if the Python module h5py is

       pymca --nativefiledialogs=X

       With  X  set to 1, the program will use the file dialogs from the operating system. With X
       set to 0, the program will use Qt file dialogs.

       pymca --backend=XX

       Start the program using the selected graphics backend (mpl for matplotlib, gl for OpenGL)

       pymca --binding=XX

       Start the program using the selected Qt binding. It has to  be  one  of  PyQt5  (default),
       PyQt4, PySide or PySide2.  i pymca --logging=XX

       Set  the  logging  level.  Allowed values are, in increasing order of verbosity: critical,
       error, warning (default), info, debug.  Alternatively, you can specify an integer in range
       0 (critical) to 4 (debug).


       HDF5, h5py