Provided by: python3-pynlpl_1.1.2-1_all bug


       computepmi - manual page for pynlpl-computepmi 0.7.7


       usage: pynlpl-computepmi [-h] -f INPUTTEXT [-s] [-t THRESHOLD] [-a] [-A]

              [--pmi] [--npmi] [--jaccard] [--dice]

       Simple cooccurence computation

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -f INPUTTEXT, --inputtext INPUTTEXT
              Input file (plaintext, tokenised, utf-8, one sentence per line) (default: )

       -s, --sorted
              Output sorted by co-occurrence score (default: False)

       -t THRESHOLD, --threshold THRESHOLD
              Joined  occurrence  threshold,  do  not  consider  words  occurring  less than this
              (default: 1)

       -a, --adjacency
              Compute the adjacency fraction  (how  many  co-occurrence  are  immediate  bigrams)
              (default: False)

       -A, --discountadjacency
              Do  not  take  immediately adjacent fragments (bigrams) into account when computing
              mutual information (requires -a) (default: False)

       --pmi  Compute pointwise mutual information (default: False)

       --npmi Compute normalised pointwise mutual information (default: False)

              Compute jaccard similarity coefficient (default: False)

       --dice Compute dice coefficient (default: False)