Provided by: pyntor_0.6-4.1_all bug


       pyntor-components - manage components for the presentation program Pyntor


       pyntor-components [OPTIONS]


       Pyntor-components  is  a helper utility which deals with all the components which are made
       available to Pyntor. Components can reside in the installation directory, but the user can
       override  them  with  a user directory and again with components in the current directory.
       Pyntor-components helps to sort through the available components by listing them. In  case
       the component comes with documentation included, it can be displayed as well.


       -l, --list
              Displays  a  formatted  list of all components. For each component, all occurrences
              are reported, which might be between one and three directories.

       -d, --doc=component
              Displays the documentation for the specified  component.  If  no  documentation  is
              included, or the component could not be loaded, an error is displayed instead.

       -u, --update
              Displays  a  graphical  dialog  which allows the download of new components via the
              GHNS   (Get   Hot   New   Stuff)   framework.   Components   are   installed   into
              ~/.pyntor/components  and can be used immediately.  This is an experimental feature
              based on the SDLNewStuff library.

       -v, --version
              Displays the version number of Pyntor-components.

       -h, --help
              Displays a summary of all available command line options.


       Josef Spillner <>


       pyntor(1), pyntor-selfrun(1)