Provided by: python-distutils-extra_2.42_all bug


       python-mkdebian  -  Generate  a  suitable  Debian  source package for a standard distutils


       python-mkdebian [options]


       This script generates a reasonably Debian Policy compliant Debian  source  package  for  a
       Python  application  that  uses  distutils  properly.  It assumes that there are no public
       Python modules, and generates just a single application binary package.

       Information is taken from's  generated  .egg-info  file:  author,  project  name,
       description,  version,  upstream source, license, and required and provided Python modules
       (which are translated to Debian python library package names, and automatically  added  as
       package dependencies).

       It generates a simple cdbs/python-support rules file.

       python-mkdebian  was  designed  to  be  used  with  the module, which
       calculates required Python dependencies  automatically.  However,  it  makes  no  explicit
       assumptions  about  DistUtilsExtra,  so  if has complete information it will work
       with any distutils setup.


              Force control file behaviour. Can be one of "none" (keep unchanged),  "deps"  (only
              update dependencies), or "full" (recreate whole file). By default only dependencies
              will be updated ("deps").

              Force whole copyright file to be recreated. By default it will not touch an already
              existing copyright file, so that you can customize them.

              Force  whole  rules  file  to be recreated. By default it will not touch an already
              existing rules file, so that you can customize them.

              Add changelog entry to debian/changelog (can be specified multiple times)

              Add additional debian package dependency (can be specified multiple times)

              Ask for installing all your modules in the dedicated PREFIX (default is /usr)

              Show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit


       Python help for the distutils module


       python-mkdebian is developed by Martin Pitt <>.