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       python-openflow - low level library to parse OpenFlow messages


       python-openflow  is a low level library to parse OpenFlow messages. If you want to read an
       OpenFlow packet from an open socket or send a message to an OpenFlow switch, this is  your
       best  friend.  The  main  features are: high performance, latest specification compliance,
       short learning curve and free software license.

       This library is part of Kytos project, a collaborative project between  SPRACE  (from  São
       Paulo  State  University, Unesp) and Caltech (California Institute of Technology). python-
       openflow was developed to be used with Kytos controller, but feel free to use this  simple
       and intuitive library in another project with another controller.


       This  is  just  an  overview for you to check whether this project fits your needs.  For a
       more detailed documentation, please check the  python-openflow  API  Reference  Manual  at


       For example, see how it is easy to create a feature request message with this library. You
       can use ipython3 to get the advantages of autocompletion:

           >>> from pyof.v0x01.controller2switch.features_request import FeaturesRequest
           >>> request = FeaturesRequest(xid = 100)
           >>> print(request.header.message_type)
           >>> print(request.header.xid)

       If you need to send this message via socket, call the pack()  method  to  get  its  binary

           >>> binary_msg = request.pack()


       We  are  available  in  IRC  and  there  is  also  a development mailing list. Details are
       available in the full documentation.


       Contributions are welcome either by creating issues in GitHub  or  in  the  form  of  pull
       requests.   Before,  please,  read  the  contribution  and  hacking  guides  in  the  main


       The python-openflow was written by Kytos Development Team <>.

       This  manual   page   was   written   by   Paulo   Henrique   de   Lima   Santana   (phls)
       <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).