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       QDevelop - A development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4


       qdevelop -l [Language] [file(s)] []


       This manual page documents briefly the QDevelop commands.

       QDevelop is a development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4.
        It  consists  of  a  Qt  project manager, a source code editor, build-automation tools by
       calling make command, and the gdb debugger.

        QDevelop aims to be easy to use and does not try to compete  with  more  complete  tools,
       like  KDevelop,  which  are  often too complex. Its goal is simplicity, powerfulness and a
       same interface on all platforms.


       -l [Language]
              Force QDevelop to use Language instead of the system language.  Available languages
              are English, French, German and Dutch


       ctags(1), gdb(1).


       QDevelop was written by Jean-Luc Biord <>.

       This  manual  page was written by Daniel Rocher <> and modified by
       Guillaume Martres <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                           Feb 09, 2008                               QDevelop(1)