Provided by: qelectrotech_0.6.1-1_amd64 bug


       qelectrotech - Electric diagrams editor


       qelectrotech   [--common-elements-dir=DIR]  [--config-dir=DIR]  [--lang-dir=DIR]  [--help]
       [-v|--version] [--license] [FILE]...


       QElectroTech is an electric  diagrams  editor.  Diagrams  (*.qet)  and  electric  elements
       (*.elmt)  are  stored using the XML format.  The elements that can be used in diagrams may
       come from the common collection or from the  user's  custom  collection.   Typically,  the
       common collection is readable by all users but it can't be edited by them.  Each user owns
       its custom collection he can modify as he wants.


              Uses DIR as the common collection root directory. Note :  this  option  is  enabled
              only   if   the  QET_ALLOW_OVERRIDE_CED_OPTION  directive  has  been  specified  at
              compilation time.

              Uses DIR as the current user's configuration directory. This directory hosts a file
              named  qelectrotech.conf,  which  contains  the  application  configuration,  and a
              subdirectory named elements, which contains the user's elements collection.  Note :
              this  option is enabled only if the QET_ALLOW_OVERRIDE_CD_OPTION directive has been
              specified at compilation time.

              Looks for the application translation files in the directory DIR.

       --help Displays a short description of the available options.

       -v, --version
              Displays the application version (e.g.: 0.1).

              Displays the application license (GNU/GPL).

       Note that if one of the three last options is specified in the command line, the  programs
       stops  after having displayed the adequate information.  If an instance of the application
       launched by the user is still running, this instance will consider the command  line,  and
       notably the files to open.  However, options that redefine directories (common collection,
       configuration and translation files) will not be considered.   If  a  filename  ends  with
       .elmt,  QElectroTech  will  try  to  open  it  into an element editor.  Otherwise, it will
       consider it as diagrams.


       Benoit Ansieau <>
       Xavier Guerrin <>
       Laurent Trinques <>
       Joshua Claveau <>
       Cyril.frausti <>


       If you encounter a behavior in the application that looks unusual to you, browse  our  FAQ
       <>        and        our        BugTracker
       <> to check if the problem is  already  known.  In  the
       negative, please submit a bugreport via the BugTracker.


       Copyright (c) QElectroTech developers.
       License : GNU/GPL v2+ : <>
       This  program is a free software. You can modify and redistribute it. It is provided as is


       Official website : <>