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       qhimdtransfer - Transfer software for MiniDisc devices




       qhimdtransfer  is  a  graphical  user interface application for accessing HiMD Walkman. It
       uses the libhimd library to read and write audio tracks from a HiMD filesystem  which  can
       be  mounted  directly from a physical HiMD Walkman or a previously created image file of a
       HiMD.  By choosing "Connect" in the file menu, the mount point of the HiMD  filesystem  is
       located  and  the track listing is consequently loaded into the application into the track
       list viewer on the left-hand side.

       To upload a track (transfer it to the PC), select the tracks  to  be  transferred  in  the
       track list window. Then choose the destination directory in the file browser on the right-
       hand side and click the onto the  upload  button  (white  arrow  on  red  background).  To
       download  tracks to the device, select the tracks to be downloaded in the file browser and
       click onto the download button (white arrow on green background).

       Currently libhimd and  therefore  qhimdtransfer  implements  full  read  access  for  PCM,
       ATRAC-3+ and MP3 tracks as well as experimental write support for MP3 tracks (MP3 playback
       is supported by second and third generation of HiMD  Walkman  only).  Non-MP3  tracks  are
       protected  by  Sony's DRM software stack OpenMG, which require a sophisticated calculation
       of keys and access control lists. Writing of non-MP3 tracks is therefore currently not yet

       Please  note  that  some of the functions in the graphical user interface like deleting or
       renaming tracks or formatting the medium are not yet implemented, but work is currently in
       progress to achieve that.


       netmdcli(1), himdcli(1)


       The linux-minidisc project - <>.

       This manual page was written by John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <>.

                                        November 23, 2012                        QHIMDTRANSFER(1)