Provided by: murasaki-common_1.68.6-8_all bug

NAME -- run quick mursaki compare

SYNOPSIS [options] {genome list...}

       qlob is a frontend to murasaki (through qsub if it's available).  It automatically
       generates an output name for you based on the input files, sets a more reasonable memory
       limit, runs the job, and generates dot-plot outputs.

       In addition to the standard Murasaki options (see murasaki --help), qlob supports some
       some options of its own:

         -P           uses an old pattern of 11111100100001111100000100101111
         --target=<hostname>  requests the job be run on hostname
         -n|--name    name for the job (allows overwriting of old output)
         -m|--mem     specifies a memory requirement to pass to qsub (default 4gb)
         --mpi=N      use MPI across N machines (sets ppn=4 also)
         --myrinet    require myrinet nodes
         --kogfile=<file> Run to score alignment using <file>


       This program runs several sequences through murasaki.  When run on an hpc machine it
       submits the job via qsub.