Provided by: quelcom_0.4.0-13build1_amd64 bug


       qmp3info - show info from mp3 files


       qmp3info [option]... file...


       qmp3info  reads  a list of mp3 files and prints on standard output some of its parameters:
       version, layer, sample rate, bit rate, duration and tag. a duration summary is appended at
       the end of the list.


       -c, --check
              check  the  entire  stream  (slower but accurate). all the frames of the stream are
              read and the total duration is  exactly  computed.  this  option  is  automatically
              activated if the stream appears to be vbr (have different bit rate frames).

       -h, --help
              show a brief help and exit.

       -s, --summary-only
              show only the summary. do not show info from every file.

       -v, --verbose
              show also the number of bytes and frames.

       -V, --version
              show version and exit.


       variable  bit  rate  (vbr)  streams  are detected by reading the initial (5) frames in the
       stream. if their bit rate field differs, the --check option is activated automatically.

       if vbr is not detected, qmp3info reads only the first frame in the stream  and  calculates
       the  duration supposing that (1) the entire stream is composed by valid frames and (2) all
       the frames have the same bit rate. this is a fast way  to  compute  the  duration  of  the
       stream,  but  it is not exact: there's an error of 0.3% aprox. if you want to be accurate,
       or qmp3info is unable to detect a vbr stream, use --check.

       tests have been done only with mpeg version 1 layer iii streams, though it  may  (or  not)
       work with other versions or layers.



       qmp3join(1), qmp3cut(1), qmp3check(1), qmp3report(1)
       qwavinfo(1), qwavjoin(1), qwavcut(1), qwavsilence(1), qwavfade(1), qwavheaderdump(1)