Provided by: quelcom_0.4.0-13build1_amd64 bug


       qwavsilence - detect and shrink silence sequences in wav files


       qwavsilence [option]... file...


       qwavsilence reads a list of wav files looking for silence sequences.


       -d <duration>[<format>], --duration=<duration>[<format>]
              duration  is  a  positive  integer  that specifies the minimum duration of a silent
              sequence on a file to be reported. the value is treated as a sample number unless a
              format  specifier  is  used.  see  the  FORMATS  section below for information. the
              default value is one second.

       -h, --help
              show a brief help and exit.

       -S, --shrink
              when this option is set, all the silent sequences greater  than  duration  will  be
              shrinked down to duration and the file size truncated accordingly.

       -t <threshold>, --threshold=<threshold>
              threshold  is  a  percentage  value  respect  the  maximum (absolute) sample value.
              samples whose value is  under  the  given  threshold  are  considered  silent.  for
              example,  a value of 2 means that all samples with absolute value under the 2% will
              be treated as silent samples. the default value is 0.

       -v, --verbose
              show more detailed info.

       -V, --version
              show version and exit.


       the following modifiers are provided:

       j      value is interpreted as milliseconds.

       m      value is interpreted as minutes.

       s      value is interpreted as seconds.

       b      value is interpreted as bytes.

       k      value is interpreted as kbytes (1024 bytes).

       M      value is interpreted as megabytes (1024 kbytes).

       in either case, the values specified will be rounded to get an integer number of samples.


       tests has been done only with 44100 Hz 16 bit  stereo  files,  though  it  may  work  with
       mono/stereo 8/16 bits files.



       qwavinfo(1), qwavjoin(1), qwavcut(1), qwavfade(1), qwavheaderdump(1)
       qmp3info(1), qmp3join(1), qmp3cut(1), qmp3check(1), qmp3report(1)