Provided by: rabbit_2.2.1-4_all bug


       rabbit-slide - Template generator for Rabbit


       rabbit-slide COMMAND [OPTIONS]


              e.g.: rabbit-slide new \

       --id rubykaigi2012 \

       --base-name rabbit-introduction \

       --markup-language rd \

       --name "Kouhei Sutou" \

       --email \

       --rubygems-user kou \

       --slideshare-user kou \

       --speaker-deck-user kou


       new:   create a new slide

              change: change an existing slide

       Slide information

              Slide ID (e.g.: --id=rubykaigi2012) (must)

              Base   name   for   the   slide   source   file   and  generated  PDF  file  (e.g.:
              --base-name=rabbit-introduction) (must)

              Markup language for the new slide (e.g.:  --markup-language=rd)  (available  markup
              languages: [rd, hiki, markdown]) (default: rd) (optional)

              Title of the new slide (e.g.: --title="Rabbit Introduction") (optional)

              Tags of the new slide (e.g.: --tags=rabbit,presentation,ruby) (optional)

              Allotted time in presentaion (e.g.: --allotted-time=5m) (optional)

              Presentation   date  with  the  new  slide  (e.g.:  --presentation-date=2012/06/29)

       Your information

              Author name of the new slide (e.g.: --name="Kouhei Sutou") (default: Youhei SASAKI)

              Author   e-mail   of  the  new  slide  (e.g.:  (default:

              Account for It is used to publish your slide  to  (e.g.:
              --rubygems-user=kou) (default: sasakyh) (optional)

              Account  for  SlideShare  It  is  used  to  publish your slide to SlideShare (e.g.:
              --slideshare-user=kou) (default: uwabami) (optional)

              Account for Speaker Deck It is used to publish your slide to  Speaker  Deck  (e.g.:
              --speaker-deck-user=kou) (optional)

       Common options

              Load options from FILE.  (none)

              Specify locale dir as [DIR].  (auto)

              Specify logger type as [TYPE].  Select from [stderr, gui].  (STDERR)

              Specify  log  level  as  [LEVEL].  Select from [debug, info, warning, error, fatal,
              unknown].  (info)

       --help Show this message.

              Show version.