Provided by: rabbiter_2.0.4-2_all bug


       rabbiter - Twitter clients for Rabbit


       rabbiter [options]


       Rabbiter  is  a  tool that collects tweets related to the talk and sends them to Rabbit as
       comments.  In public conference such as RubyKaigi,  audiences  tweet  comments  about  the
       listening  talk  to  Twitter. To show the comments to your slide showed by Rabbit, you can
       use Rabbiter.


              Rabbit's dRuby URI (druby://

              Filter by word.  To use multiple filters, use this option multiple.

              Filter by user language.  (e.g.: ja, en) To use multiple language, use this  option

              Log target statuses.

              Load options from FILE.  (none)

              Specify locale dir as [DIR].  (auto)

              Specify logger type as [TYPE].  Select from [stderr, gui].  (STDERR)

              Specify  log  level  as  [LEVEL].  Select from [debug, info, warning, error, fatal,
              unknown].  (info)

       --help Show this message.

              Show version.