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Graphical index of GRASS GIS modules

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   3d raster modules:
           ·   r3.colors Creates/modifies the color table associated with a 3D raster map.

           ·   r3.colors.out Exports the color table associated with a 3D raster map.

           ·   r3.cross.rast Creates cross section 2D raster map from 3D raster map based  on  2D
               elevation map

           ·   r3.flow Computes 3D flow lines and 3D flow accumulation.

           ·   r3.gradient  Computes  gradient of a 3D raster map and outputs gradient components
               as three 3D raster maps.

           ·   r3.gwflow Numerical calculation program for transient, confined  groundwater  flow
               in three dimensions.

           · Converts a 3D ASCII raster text file into a (binary) 3D raster map.

           · Imports a binary raster file into a GRASS 3D raster map.

           ·  Creates  a  3D  raster  map  from  LAS  LiDAR points using univariate

           · Import 3-dimensional Vis5D files.

           · Create a 3D raster map from an  assemblage  of  many  coordinates  using
               univariate statistics

           · Outputs basic information about a user-specified 3D raster map layer.

           ·   r3.mapcalc Raster map calculator.

           ·   r3.mask Establishes the current working 3D raster mask.

           ·   r3.mkdspf  Creates  a  display  file  from  an existing 3D raster map according to
               specified threshold levels.

           ·   r3.neighbors Makes each voxel value a function  of  the  values  assigned  to  the
               voxels around it, and stores new voxel values in an output 3D raster map

           ·   r3.null Explicitly create the 3D NULL-value bitmap file.

           ·   r3.out.ascii Converts a 3D raster map layer into a ASCII text file.

           ·   r3.out.bin Exports a GRASS 3D raster map to a binary array.

           ·   r3.out.netcdf Export a 3D raster map as netCDF file.

           ·   r3.out.v5d Exports GRASS 3D raster map to 3-dimensional Vis5D file.

           ·   r3.out.vtk Converts 3D raster maps into the VTK-ASCII format.

           ·   r3.retile  Retiles  an  existing  3D  raster map with user defined x, y and z tile

           ·   r3.stats Generates volume statistics for 3D raster maps.

           · Allows creation and/or modification of  3D  raster  map  layer  support

           ·   r3.timestamp Modifies a timestamp for a 3D raster map.

           · Converts 3D raster maps to 2D raster maps

           ·   r3.univar  Calculates univariate statistics from the non-null cells of a 3D raster

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