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       rasview - Raster file previewer for the X Window System.


       rasview [ -toolkitoption ...  ] [ -ifmt format ] [ -movie ] [ -pal palette_file ] [ -quiet
       ] [ -Version ] [ file.ext | - ]


       rasview displays raster imagery from  a  file  into  an  X  window.   By  default  rasview
       determines  the  format  of  an  image  file  by  looking at its file name extension.  For
       example, an xwd (X11 Window Dump) file might be named foo.xwd.

       Raster image file formats come in a variety  of  flavors.   rasview  attempts  to  support
       8-bit-indexed,  and  24-bit-direct encodings of the image formats listed below. Similarly,
       only output devices with 8-bit or 24-bit depth are supported.  rasview attempts to  select
       an  X11  Visual  which  best  matches the encoding of the image file. A PseudoColor visual
       class is preferred  for  8-bit-indexed  imagery,  while  a  DirectColor  visual  class  is
       preferred  for  24-bit-direct  encoded imagery. In the case of 24-bit-direct encodings, if
       the output device only has 8-bit color the imagery is color-quantized down to 8 bits.

       In general raster files contain only a single image.  rasview is able to display multiple-
       image  raster  files  if they were created by the concatenation of single-image files with
       the rascat(1NCARG) utility or if they were generated by ctrans(1NCARG).  Multi-frame image
       files generated by other means are not guaranteed to be displayable by rasview.

       See ras_formats(5NCARG) for a list of supported image formats.


       rasview  accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command line options (see X11(7)).  rasview
       also accepts the following options:

       -ifmt format
              Specify the input file format.  format is  one  of  the  aforementioned  file  name
              extensions  (without  the ".", e.g.  xwd).  When this option is specified file name
              extensions are not necessary and are ignored if present.  All input files must have
              the same format.

       -movie Normally  when processing multi-image raster files, rasview waits for a mouse click
              before proceeding to the next frame. When this option is used  rasview  immediately
              advances the frame after rasview has completed drawing it.

       -pal palette_file
              Use  the  color palette contained in the file palette_file.  for displaying images.
              This palette will override the color palette stored with the image.

              See ras_palette(5NCARG) for a description of palette file forats.

       -quiet Operate in quiet mode.

              Print the version number and then exit.

       -      Read rasterfile from standard input (-ifmt option required).


       ctrans(1NCARG), rascat(1NCARG), ras_formats(5NCARG), ras_palette(5NCARG), xwd(1),  xwud(1)

       Hardcopy: NCAR Graphics Fundamentals, UNIX Version


       rasview does not respond to redraw events.


       Copyright (C) 1987-2009
       University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

       The use of this Software is governed by a License Agreement.