Provided by: libratbag-tools_0.9-6_amd64 bug


       ratbag-command - query or change a device's settings


       ratbag-command [OPTIONS] {COMMAND} ... /path/to/device


       The ratbag-command tool queries or changes a device's settings.

       This tool usually needs to be run as root to have access to the /dev/input/eventX nodes.


               Print debugging output.

               Print debugging output with protocol output. No guarantees are given regarding the
               output format when this flag is on.

               Print the tool's version.

       --help  Print the help.

General Commands

       list    List supported devices (does not take a device argument)

Device Commands

       info    Print information about a device

Profile Commands

       profile active get
               Print the currently active profile

       profile active set N
               Set profile N as to the  active profile

       profile N {COMMAND}
               Use profile N for COMMAND

Resolution Commands

       Resolution commands work on the given profile, or on the active profile if none is given.

       resolution active get
               Print the currently active resolution

       resolution active set N
               Set resolution N as the active resolution

       resolution N {COMMAND}
               Use resolution N for COMMAND

DPI Commands

       DPI commands work on the given profile and resolution, or on the active resolution of  the
       active profile if none are given.

       dpi get Print the dpi value

       dpi set N
               Set the dpi value to N

       rate get
               Print the report rate in Hz

       rate set N
               Set the report rate in N Hz

Button Commands

       Button commands work on the given profile, or on the active profile if none is given.

       button count
               Print the number of buttons

       button N action get
               Print the button action

       button N action set button B
               Set the button action to button B

       button N action set special S
               Set the button action to special action S

       button N action set macro ...
               Set the button action to the given macro

       Macro syntax:

       A  macro  is  a  series  of  key  events  or  waiting  periods.  Keys must be specified in
               linux/input.h key names.

               KEY_A   Press and release 'a'

               +KEY_A  Press 'a'

               -KEY_A  Release 'a'

               t300    Wait 300ms

Special Commands

       These commands are for testing purposes and may be removed without notice

               Switch the Etekcity mouse active profile


       ratbag-command profile active get

       ratbag-command profile 0 resolution active set 4

       ratbag-command profile 0 resolution 1 dpi get

       ratbag-command resolution 4 rate get

       ratbag-command dpi set 800

Exit codes

       0       Success

       1       Unsupported feature or index out of available range

       2       Commandline arguments are invalid

       3       Invalid device or a command failed on the device


       There is currently no guarantees that the output format of ratbag-command will not  change
       in  the  future.  There  should  be some stability with the commands mentioned in this man
       page, but do not expect it to stay the same.

                                              0.9.0                             RATBAG_COMMAND(1)