Provided by: rclone-browser_1.2-1_amd64 bug


       rclone-browser - cross platfrom GUI for rclone command line tool




       This manual page documents briefly the rclone-browser command.


       Allows to browse and modify any rclone remote, including encrypted ones

       Uses same configuration file as rclone, no extra configuration required

       Supports custom location and encryption for .rclone.conf configuration file

       Simultaneously navigate multiple repositories in separate tabs

       Lists files hierarchically with file name, size and modify date

       All rclone commands are executed asynchronously, no freezing GUI

       File hierarchy is lazily cached in memory, for faster traversal of folders

       Allows to upload, download, create new folders, rename or delete files and folders

       Allows  to  calculate  size  of  folder,  export list of files and copy rclone copmmand to

       Can process multiple upload or download jobs in background

       Drag & drop support for dragging files from local file explorer for uploading

       Streaming media files for playback in player like mpv or similar

       Mount and unmount folders on macOS and GNU/Linux

       Optionally minimizes to tray, with notifications when upload/download finishes

       Supports portable mode (create .ini file next to executable with same  name),  rclone  and
              .rclone.conf path now can be relative to executable



                                         January 22 2019                        rclone-browser(1)