Provided by: matrix-synapse_0.99.2-1_all bug


       register_new_matrix_user  -  Used  to  register  new  users  with a given home server when
       registration has been disabled


       register_new_matrix_user options...


       register_new_matrix_user registers new users with a given home  server  when  registration
       has  been  disabled.  For  this  to  work,  the  home  server  must be configured with the
       ´registration_shared_secret´ option set.

       This accepts the user credentials like the username, password, is user an admin or not and
       registers  the  user onto the homeserver database. Also, a YAML file containing the shared
       secret can be provided. If not, the shared secret can be provided via the command line.

       By default it assumes the home server  URL  to  be  https://localhost:8448.  This  can  be
       changed via the server_url command line option.


       A sample YAML file accepted by register_new_matrix_user is described below:

           registration_shared_secret: "s3cr3t"


       -u, --user
              Local part of the new user. Will prompt if omitted.

       -p, --password
              New  password  for  user.  Will  prompt  if  omitted. Supplying the password on the
              command line is not recommended. Use the STDIN instead.

       -a, --admin
              Register new user as an admin. Will prompt if omitted.

       -c, --config
              Path to server config file containing the shared secret.

       -k, --shared-secret
              Shared secret as defined in server config file. This is an optional parameter as it
              can be also supplied via the YAML file.

              URL of the home server. Defaults to ´https://localhost:8448´.


       $ register_new_matrix_user -u user1 -p p@ssword -a -c config.yaml


       This  man  page  was  written  by  Rahul  De  <>  for  Debian  GNU/Linux


       synctl(1), synapse_port_db(1), hash_password(1)

                                          February 2017               REGISTER_NEW_MATRIX_USER(1)