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       relaytool - Generate a file that can be used instead of linking directly against a library


       relaytool [OPTION ...] [LINKER COMMAND ...]


       This manual page documents briefly the relaytool command.

       relaytool is a program to provide a more convenient interface to dlopen/dlsym. It lets you
       write the same style of code you would when using a normal hard link (-lwhatever), but the
       symbols are actually lazy-linked at runtime. You can use the symbols
       libwhatever_is_present and libwhatever_symbol_is_present() to find out what APIs are
       actually available at runtime.

       In other words, the need to use function pointers and lots of manual calls to dlsym() is
       eliminated, and it becomes much simpler to soft link to things as a result. If a symbol is
       missing at runtime and you call it anyway, your application will abort and an error
       message is printed that states which function was called. If a variable is missing at
       runtime, the value is always -1.


       --relay LIB
           If a matching -lLIB is found, generate a file that can be used instead of linking
           directly to LIB. The name of the file is echoed on stdout. Multiple --relay can be
           used together, a file will be generated for each matching ones.

           Generate a file for every -lLIB parameter.

       --minimal-list OBJ_LIST
           Will look in OBJ_LIST for undefined symbols, and generate a file creating only the
           needed symbols for each LIB.

       --partial-map MAP_FILE
           Generate a file creating only the symbols contained in MAP_FILE. Will apply to all
           further -lLIB parameters, so in general is not suitable to multiple libs in the same
           invocation of relaytool.

           Echo -lLIB on stdout even if a --relay LIB is found, so it'll be linked in normally.

       --multilink [SONAMES...]
           If a library has different SONAMES on different Linux distributions you can specify
           the various SONAMES that it's known by here. Relaytool will attempt to load them (in
           the order provided) until one if found. This cannot be used with multiple --relay
           options. The first SONAME in the list will be used as the name in the _is_present
           variable and _symbol_is_present function.

       --out-dir DIRECTORY
           Write stub file to DIRECTORY instead of CWD.


           Add PATH to the list of paths to search for LIBs.

           If a matching --relay LIB is found (or if --replace-all-libs is specified), generate a
           file that can be used instead of linking directly to LIB. If there's no --relay LIB,
           echo -lLIB to stdout.

       All other linker commands are passed as is to stdout.


       -h, --help
           Show some help.

           Display version information of relaytool


       lipkgen (1), ligcc(1), gcc(1).

       Additional documentation can be found on


       This manual page was written by Matthias Klumpp <>.


       Copyright © 2010-2014 Matthias Klumpp