Provided by: xa65_2.3.8-2_amd64 bug


       reloc65 - relocator for o65 object files


       reloc65 [OPTION]... FILE...


       reloc65 is a relocator for files in the o65 object format.


       -o filename
              Set output filename. The default is a.o65.

       -b? addr
              Relocate  segment  ?   to  addr.   ?  should be t, d, b or z to represent the text,
              data, bss or zero segment respectively. See the xa(1) man page for an explanation.

       -x?    Extract segment ?  from the file instead of writing  back  the  whole  file.  Valid
              arguments  are t and d for the text or data segment respectively. Not valid for bss
              or zero.

       -X     Extract text and data segment together from the file instead of  writing  back  the
              whole  file.  Relocating  data segment to the end of the text segment (ignoring the
              -xd option) before extracting.

       --help Show summary of options.

              Show version of program.


       file65(1), ldo65(1), printcbm(1), uncpk(1), dxa(1), xa(1)


       This manual page was written  by  David  Weinehall  <>  and  Cameron  Kaiser
       <>.  Original xa package (C)1989-1997 Andre Fachat. Additional changes
       (C)1989-2006 Andre Fachat, Jolse Maginnis, David Weinehall and Cameron Kaiser. The current
       maintainer is Cameron Kaiser.


                                          11 April 2006                                RELOC65(1)