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       npm-removal - Cleaning the Slate


       So sad to see you go.

         sudo npm uninstall npm -g

       Or, if that fails, get the npm source code, and do:

         sudo make uninstall

More Severe Uninstalling

       Usually,  the  above  instructions are sufficient.  That will remove npm, but leave behind
       anything you've installed.

       If that doesn't work, or if you require more drastic measures, continue reading.

       Note that this is only necessary for  globally-installed  packages.   Local  installs  are
       completely  contained  within  a  project's  node_modules folder.  Delete that folder, and
       everything is gone (unless a package's install script is particularly ill-behaved).

       This assumes that you installed node and npm in the default place.  If you configured node
       with  a  different --prefix, or installed npm with a different prefix setting, then adjust
       the paths accordingly, replacing /usr/local with your install prefix.

       To remove everything npm-related manually:

         rm -rf /usr/local/{lib/node{,/.npm,_modules},bin,share/man}/npm*

       If you installed things with npm, then your best bet is to uninstall them with npm  first,
       and  then  install  them  again  once  you  have a proper install.  This can help find any
       symlinks that are lying around:

         ls -laF /usr/local/{lib/node{,/.npm},bin,share/man} | grep npm

       Prior to version 0.3, npm used shim files for executables  and  node  modules.   To  track
       those down, you can do the following:

         find /usr/local/{lib/node,bin} -exec grep -l npm \{\} \; ;

       (This is also in the README file.)


       · README

       · npm help uninstall

       · npm help prune

                                          February 2019                            NPM-REMOVAL(1)