Provided by: restic_0.9.4+ds-2_amd64 bug


       restic - Backup and restore files


       restic [flags]


       restic is a backup program which allows saving multiple revisions of files and directories
       in an encrypted repository stored on different backends.


           file to load root certificates from (default: use system certificates)

           set the cache directory. (default: use system default cache directory)

           auto remove old cache directories

       -h, --help[=false]
           help for restic

           set output mode to JSON for commands that support it

           key ID of key to try decrypting first (default: $RESTIC_KEY_HINT)

           limits downloads to a maximum rate in KiB/s. (default: unlimited)

           limits uploads to a maximum rate in KiB/s. (default: unlimited)

           do not use a local cache

           do not lock the repo, this allows some operations on read-only repos

       -o, --option=[]
           set extended option (key=value, can be specified multiple times)

           specify a shell command to obtain a password (default: $RESTIC_PASSWORD_COMMAND)

       -p, --password-file=""
           read the repository password from a file (default: $RESTIC_PASSWORD_FILE)

       -q, --quiet[=false]
           do not output comprehensive progress report

       -r, --repo=""
           repository to backup to or restore from (default: $RESTIC_REPOSITORY)

           path to a file containing PEM encoded TLS client certificate and private key

       -v, --verbose[=0]
           be verbose (specify --verbose multiple times or level n)


       restic-backup(1), restic-cache(1), restic-cat(1), restic-check(1), restic-diff(1),
       restic-dump(1), restic-find(1), restic-forget(1), restic-generate(1), restic-init(1),
       restic-key(1), restic-list(1), restic-ls(1), restic-migrate(1), restic-mount(1),
       restic-prune(1), restic-rebuild-index(1), restic-recover(1), restic-restore(1),
       restic-self-update(1), restic-snapshots(1), restic-stats(1), restic-tag(1),
       restic-unlock(1), restic-version(1)