Provided by: ubuntu-dev-tools_0.166_all bug


       reverse-depends - List the reverse-dependencies (or build-dependencies) of a package


       reverse-depends [options] package


       List  reverse-dependencies  (or  build-dependencies)  of  package.  If the package name is
       prefixed with src: then the reverse-dependencies of  all  the  binary  packages  that  the
       specified source package builds will be listed.


       -r RELEASE, --release=RELEASE
              Query dependencies in RELEASE.  Default: current development release.

       -R, --without-recommends
              Only consider Depends relationships, not Recommends.

       -s, --with-suggests
              Also consider Suggests relationships.

       -b, --build-depends
              Query build dependencies.  Synonym for --arch=source.

       -a ARCH, --arch=ARCH
              Query  dependencies  in ARCH.  Besides valid architecture names, the special values
              any and source may be used.  any  displays  all  reverse  dependencies,  the  union
              across all architecture.  source displays build dependencies.  Default: any.

       -c COMPONENT, --component=COMPONENT
              Only  consider  reverse-dependencies in COMPONENT. Can be specified multiple times.
              Default: all components.

       -l, --list
              Display a simple, machine-readable list.

       -u URL, --service-url=URL
              Reverse  Dependencies  web-service   URL.    Default:   UbuntuWire's   service   at

       -h, --help
              Display a help message and exit


       All reverse dependencies of source package bash:

              reverse-depends src:bash


       reverse-depends and this manpage were written by Stefano Rivera <>.

       Both are released under the terms of the ISC License.