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       rhino-jsc - invokes the rhino JavaScript compiler


       rhino-jsc [options] file1.js [file2.js...]


       This  manual  page  documents briefly the rhino-jsc command.  This manual page was written
       for the Debian distribution because the original program does not have a manual  page.  It
       is written according to the html documentation.

       rhino-jsc  is  a  start  script for the rhino JavaScript compiler. The JavaScript compiler
       translates JavaScript source into Java class files. The resulting  Java  class  files  can
       then  be  loaded  and  executed  at  another  time,  providing  a  convenient  method  for
       transferring JavaScript, and for avoiding  translation  cost.   Note  that  the  top-level
       functions  available  to  the  shell (such as print) are not available to compiled scripts
       when they are run outside the shell.


       -version versionNumber
              Specifies the language version to compile with. The string  versionNumber  must  be
              one  of  100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160 or 170. See JavaScript Language Versions
              for more information on language versions.

       -opt, -O optLevel
              Optimizes at level optLevel, which must be an integer between 0 and 9.

       -debug, -g
              Specifies that debug information should be generated.  May  not  be  combined  with
              optimization at an optLevel greater than zero.

              Does not save the source in the class file. Functions and scripts compiled this way
              cannot be decompiled. This option can be  used  to  avoid  distributing  source  or
              simply to save space in the resulting class file.

       -o outputFile
              Writes  the  class  file to the given file (which should end in .class). The string
              outputFile must be a writable filename.

       -package packageName
              Specifies the package to generate the class into. The string  packageName  must  be
              composed of valid identifier characters optionally separated by periods.

       -d outputDirectory
              Uses outputDirectory as destination directory for generated classes. If omitted, it
              defaults to parent directory of the source file.

       -encoding charset
              Sets the character encoding of the source files.

       -extends java_class_name
              Specifies that a java class extending the  Java  class  java_class_name  should  be
              generated  from  the  incoming  JavaScript source file. Each global function in the
              source file is made a method of the generated class, overriding any methods in  the
              base class by the same name.

       -implements java_intf_name
              Specifies  that  a java class implementing the Java interface java_intf_name should
              be generated from the incoming JavaScript source file. Each global function in  the
              source  file  is  made a method of the generated class, implementing any methods in
              the interface by the same name.

       -main-method-class className
              Specifies the class name used for main method implementation. The class must have a
              method matching public static void main(Script sc, String[] args).

              Generates   code   that   contains  callbacks  to  accumulate  counts  of  executed
              instructions.   Code   compiled   with   this   flag   can   be   monitored   using


       Example compiling the NervousText.js applet written in JavaScript. The example is provided
       in the librhino-java-doc package.

       $ rhino-jsc -extends java.applet.Applet -implements java.lang.Runnable NervousText.js


       The       online       documentation        under


       This  manual page was written by Wolfgang Baer <>, for the Debian project (but
       may be used by others).