Provided by: ripperx_2.8.0-2_amd64 bug


       ripperX — graphical (GTK) frontend for ripping and OGG/FLAC/MP3 encoding CD tracks




       This  manual  page  documents  briefly  the ripperX command. It was written for the Debian
       GNU/Linux distribution because the program originally did not have a manual page.

       ripperX is an X-based program that uses cdparanoia to  convert  (a.k.a.  "rip")  CD  audio
       tracks to WAV files, and then calls the Vorbis/Ogg encoder oggenc to convert the WAV to an
       OGG file.  It can also call flac  to  perform  loss-less  compression  on  the  WAV  file,
       resulting  in  a FLAC file.  If you have an MP3 encoder installed such as toolame, lame or
       bladeenc, it can convert the WAV into a MP3 file instead.

       Besides a nice GUI interface, ripperX also supports CDDB  queries  to  retrieve  song  and
       album information, progress meters, and pausing while ripping.


       This  program takes no command line arguments.  After starting the application, select the
       Config button and cycle through the tabs to learn what options are configurable.

       Because Vorbis/Ogg typically uses variable bit rates, there is not  a  direct  correlation
       between  the  bitrate  selected  for  encoding  and the rate used by oggenc.  The bitrates
       selected in the MP3 tab of the Configuration dialog are  passed  to  oggenc  with  the  -b
       switch.   Enabling  or  disabling  VBR when using Vorbis/Ogg has no effect on the encoding

       The FLAC encoding currently does not accept any bitrate  arguments,  so  any  bitrate  you
       specify in the config dialog will be ignored for this type of encoding.


       cdparanoia (1).

       oggenc (1).

       flac (1).

       toolame (1).

       Documentation in /usr/share/doc/ripperx/


       Many, to be sure...  Please report them as you find them!


       This  manual page was written by tony mancill for the Debian GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).