Provided by: roarclients_1.0~beta12-2_amd64 bug


       roarclientpass  -  Passing  clients  to and creating new listen sockets on RoarAudio sound


       roarclientpass [OPTIONS]...


       This program let you pass new clients to a RoarAudio sound server as as a  proxy  and  let
       you add new listen sockets to a running server.


       --server    SERVER
              Set server hostname.

              Client is on stdin.

              Client is on stdout.

              Same as --stdin --stdout.

              This option may for example be used in case of being runed from a inetd.

              Client is on stderr.

              Beside  to  make  stderr known as client fh it will disable error output on stderr.
              This must be used in case this program is used from inetd or simular tools.

       --client-fh FH
              Client is on FH.

              This is basically the same as --client-fh on roard(1).

       --proto PROTO
              Set the protocol used by the client.

              Defaults to RoarAudio.

       --byteorder BO
              Sets the byteorder used by the client.

              Defaults to network byte order.

              Client is a listen connection.

              This is not the same as --mode listen.

       --mode MODE
              Set mode of operation: none, listen or connect

              Defaults to none.

       --bind BIND
              Set host/node/path for mode listen and connect.

       --port PORT
              Set port for mode listen and connect.

       --help Show this help


       roartips(7), libroar(7), RoarAudio(7).


       For history information see RoarAudio(7).