Provided by: murasaki-common_1.68.6-8_all bug

NAME - computes ROC/sensitivity/specificity at various/all thresholds

SYNOPSIS <input1> [input2 ...]


       Input file should be some alignment that has as a .rocr file (presumably generated by --rocr). Output is graphed to <basename>.cutoff.roc.png.

       sensitivity/specificity requires a false negative count, and as such requires a
       .filterstats file.

        Other options:
       --stat|predictor|x specifies what stat to use as a predictor
       --samples|n sets number of samples (default is sample at each possible cutoff)
       --maxsamples|maxn sets a max for n/samples
       --clean forces a re-sampling of the .rocr file
       --log can apply log scale to x or y or xy axes
       --fn can specify a FN count for calculating sensitivity
       --avg preload averages (normally found from filterstats)
         (note: averages no drawn by default, so specify --avg (with no args) to
          enable them)
       --noavg don't plot the line for averages
       --lwd can specify line weight
       --format can specify output file format (default png)
       --pdf set format to pdf
       --nofstats disable searching for filterstats statistics
       --nofn pretend not to have fn statistics (ie: skip sensitivity)
       --fstats specify the filterstats file to use