Provided by: librdf-query-perl_2.918-1_all bug


       rqsh - SPARQL database shell


       rqsh provides a command-line interface to the SPARQL 1.1 implementation of RDF::Query. It
       defaults to using an in-memory database, but can be configured to use any database
       implemented as an RDF::Trine::Store.


           Show help information on available commands.

       use [backend]
           Switch the storage backend (e.g. "use mysql").  You will be prompted to enter any
           necessary connection/configuration data.

           Initialize the storage backend (creating necessary indexes, etc.).

       set prefix [ns]: [uri]
           Set a namespace for use in subsequent queries.

       results (table|srx)
           Set the serializer used for tabular variable binding results.

       serializer [format]
           Set the serializer used for RDF results (e.g. "serializer turtle").

           Print all the quads in the storage backend.

       parse [sparql]
           Print the parsed algebra for the SPARQL 1.1 query/update.

       explain [sparql]
           Print the execution plan for the SPARQL 1.1 query/update.

       time [command]
           Time the execution of the command.

       execute <URI>
           Execute the SPARQL update/query obtained by dereferencing URI.

       SELECT ...
       ASK ...
       CONSTRUCT ...
       DESCRIBE ...
           Execute the SPARQL 1.1 query.

       INSERT ...
       DELETE ...
       LOAD <uri>
       CLEAR ...
       COPY ...
       MOVE ...
           Execute the SPARQL 1.1 update.