Provided by: rsh-redone-client_85-2build1_amd64 bug


     rlogin — remote login


     rlogin [-46v] [-l user] [-p port] [user@]host


     rlogin makes a connection to the remote login daemon running on host.  After the connection
     is made the user can log in.  All input is transmitted to the remote machine and all output
     on the remote machine is sent back to the rlogin client on the local machine, the user has a
     full controlling terminal on the remote host.


     -4    Use only IPv4 to connect to the remote host.

     -6    Use only IPv6 to connect to the remote host.

     -v    Be verbose.

     -l user
           Connect to the remote machine as a different user than on the local machine.

     -p port
           Connect to a different port than the default one for rlogin.


     rsh(1), rshd(8), rlogind(8), rcp(1), rhosts(5), RFC 1282.

                                         November 3, 2019