Provided by: rst2pdf_0.93-7_all bug


       rst2pdf - Convert reStructuredText documents to PDF


       rst2pdf [options] [input] [-o output]


       The usual way of creating PDF from reStructuredText (ReST) is by going through LaTeX.  The
       rst2pdf utility provides an alternative by producing  PDF  directly  using  the  ReportLab


       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit

              Config file to use. Default=~/.rst2pdf/config

       -o FILE, --output=FILE
              Write the PDF to FILE

       -s STYLESHEETS, --stylesheets=STYLESHEETS
              A comma-separated list of custom stylesheets.  Default=""

              A colon-separated list of folders to search for stylesheets. Default=""

       -c, --compressed
              Create a compressed PDF. Default=False

              Print the default stylesheet and exit

              Search this folder for fonts. (Deprecated)

              A colon-separated list of folders to search for fonts.  Default=""

              The base URL for relative URLs.

       -l LANG, --language=LANG
              Language to be used for hyphenation and docutils localization.  Default=None

              Page header if not specified in the document.

              Page footer if not specified in the document.

              Sections  up  to  this  dept will be used in the header and footer's replacement of
              ###Section###. Default=2

              Try to convert ASCII quotes, ellipsis and dashes  to  the  typographically  correct
              equivalent. Default=0

       The possible values are:

       0.  Suppress all transformations. (Do nothing.)

       1.  Performs  default  SmartyPants  transformations:  quotes  (including backticks-style),
           em-dashes, and ellipses. "--" (dash dash) is used to signify an em-dash; there  is  no
           support for en-dashes.

       2.  Same  as --smart-quotes=1, except that it uses the old-school typewriter shorthand for
           dashes: "--" (dash dash) for en-dashes, "---" (dash dash dash) for em-dashes.

       3.  Same as --smart-quotes=2, but inverts the shorthand for dashes: "--" (dash  dash)  for
           em-dashes, and "---" (dash dash dash) for en-dashes.

              What  to  do  when  a  literal is too wide.  One of error,overflow,shrink,truncate.

              How  to  fit  the  background  image  to  the  page.  One  of  scale   or   center.

              Shows target between parenthesis instead of active link

              Repeats header row for each splitted table

              Support embeddig raw HTML. Default: False

       -q, --quiet
              Print less information.

       -v, --verbose
              Print debug information.

              Print even more debug information.

              Print version number and exit.

              Disable footnote backlinks. Default: False

              Show footnotes inline. Default: True

              DPI for objects sized in pixels. Default=300

              Show frame borders (only useful for debugging).  Default=False

              Don't use splittable flowables in some elements. Only try this if you can't process
              a document any other way.

       -b LEVEL, --break-level=LEVEL
              Maximum section level that starts in a new page. Default: 0

       --first-page-on-right When using double sided pages, the first page will start
              on the right hand side. (Book Style)

              Add a blank page at the beginning of the document.

              How section breaks work. Can be "even", and sections start in an  even  page,"odd",
              and sections start in odd pages, or "any" and sections start in the next page,be it
              even or odd. See also the -b option.

              Don't store the current date in the PDF. Useful mainly for the test suite, where we
              don't want the PDFs to change.

       -e EXTENSIONS
              Alias for --extension-module

              Add a helper extension module to this invocation of rst2pdf (module must end in .py
              and be on the python path)

              Template file used for the cover page. Default: cover.tmpl

              Makes images with :aling: attribute work more like in rst2html. Default: False

              When using numbered sections, adds the  numbers  to  all  links  referring  to  the
              section headers. Default: False

              Remove elements with this CLASS from the output. Can be used multiple times.


       $ rst2pdf rest.txt -o out.pdf

       Produce an out.pdf file which is a PDF version of the ReST document rest.txt.


       Chris Lamb <> for the Debian project