Provided by: skycat_3.1.2+starlink1~b+dfsg-5build1_amd64 bug


       rtd - real-time image display application


       rtd options filename


       The rtd application is used to display FITS images in real-time.  The application is based
       on "rtdimage", a Tk image extension for displaying FITS images.


       -file name
              "name" specifies a FITS format file to load and display.

       -subsample bool
              If bool is true, subsampling is used when shrinking the image, i.e.: if  the  image
              is shrunk by 1/3, only every third pixel is displayed. Otherwise, the maximum value
              is taken from the group of pixels.

       -sampmethod n (experimental)
              If option 'subsample' is false, the following methods can be used for displaying  a
              shrunk image (i.e. an image with a scale factor < 1):

       0      max value of all pixels in a NxN box (default)

       1      min value of all pixels in a NxN box

       2      mean value of all pixels in a NxN box

       3      median value of all pixels in a NxN box

       4      max value of pixels on a diagonal cross in a NxN box

       5      min value of pixels on a diagonal cross in a NxN box

       6      mean value of pixels on a diagonal cross in a NxN box

       7      median value of pixels on a diagonal cross in a NxN box

       8      median value of pixels in a chess-board like box

       9      median value of a 3x3 box

       -usexshm bool
              If bool is true (default), attempt to use X shared memory for the image display, if
              available. This improves performance  considerably,  but  is  only  available  when
              working on the system console.

       -usexsync bool
              If true, try to use X synchronisation.

       -verbose bool
              If  bool  is  true,  diagnostic  messages  are printed out to show what is going on
              internally (for debugging use).

              This option sets the default colormap file to use when starting up.  Only the  root
              of the filename should be specified for this option, for example: "ramp" for a grey
              level colormap.  For  a  list  of  available  colormap  files,  see  the  colormaps
              directory in the rtd release.

       -min_colors n

       -max_colors n
              Specify  the  min  and  max  number  of  colors  to allocate before using a private

              This option is similar to -default_cmap, except it sets the default ITT  (intensity
              transfer table) file to use at startup.  ITT files are also stored in the colormaps

       -xscale xs

       -yscale ys
              Set the default scaling factors (default: 1).

       -camera name
              Set the camera name for real-time image events: default: taken from the  RTD_CAMERA
              environment  variable,  if  set, otherwise set to RTDSIMULATOR, for simulation test

       -zoom_factor number
              Set the scale factor for the zoom window (default 5 x the original image).

       -colorramp_height h
              Set the height of the colorramp subwindow (default: 20).

       -with_zoom_window bool
              If bool is true (default), add a zoom window.

       -with_pan_window bool
              If bool is true (default), add a panning window.

       -dozoom bool
              If true, turn on zoom window.

       -disp_image_icon bool
              If true, display a copy (view) of the image as an icon.

       -drag_scroll bool
              If true, set bindings to scroll with the middle mouse button.

       -scrollbars bool
              If true, display scrollbars to scroll the image.

       -port port
               Default port for remote connections (0 means system chooses a

       -debug bool
               Debugging flag: enables real-time simulation with testProg

       -testprog path
              For testing: name of test program used to generate real-time updates (tRtd).

       -interval n
              For testing: interval between updates in ms.

       -with_perftest bool
              If true, display performance tester utility in menu bar.

       -with_warp bool
              Option to warp the mouse pointer.