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       rtf2rtf - programs to postprocess the raw RTF generated by the mapping files


       rtf2rtf [options] ..


       This manual page documents briefly the rtf2rtf commands.  This manual page was written for
       the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual page
       for rtf2rtf.

       rtf2rtf is a program to postprocess the raw RTF generated by the mapping files.

       It  is used by other programs in sgml-tools (v1), and usually normal user does not need to
       use this program directly.

       Following is quoted from the README in the source tree.

       (Begin Quotes)

       I'm not proud of this code. It's a hack foisted upon a hack, nested within another hack or
       two.   It  sort of works well enough for my purposes (generating WinHelp .RTF files for my
       documents), but it could definitely  use  a  redesign/rewrite.  It  started  as  a  simple
       perturbation of the html2html filter, but got ugly very quickly...

       I shamelessly blame the RTF format for most of the hackery here -- RTF is not a _language_
       like LaTeX or ROFF -- it's just a file format. So, we can't rely on RTF to do even  simple
       things  like  "insert  a  paragraph  break  here only if the previous token was not also a
       paragraph break. Since the SGML front end  has  no  conditional  processing  capabilities,
       multiple blank likes in the SGML get translated to multiple para breaks in the RTF. That's
       why we use a "lex" filter (rtf2rtf) to postprocess the raw RTF generated  by  the  mapping

       Again:  I  offer  this  to the Linuxdoc community with the hopes that it will be useful to
       others and that someone else can help flesh out the missing pieces. What? Missing  pieces?
       Yes,  recall  that  I  say  it works "well enough for my purposes".  The replacement files
       (general, mapping) started out like as the latex replacement files.  Much  of  them  still
       _are_ the latex replacement files.  I only converted those parts that are actually used by
       my documents. Your documents may require more of the files to be translated to RTF.

       Since I'm using these mappings for  actual  documentation,  I  plan  on  maintaining  this
       backend, so please send me any improvements -- I'll coordinate with Greg to make sure they
       get into the the next official release.

       (End Quotes)


       The programs does not support normal command line option.


       For a complete description, see the README file in the source archive.


       rtf2rtf was written by Steve Tynor (  December  1995.   This  manual
       page was written by Taketoshi Sano <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but
       may be used by others).