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       rurple-ng - learn programming in Python with a robot




       Rurple-ng is a rewrite of RUR-PLE, a programming learning environment. The student learns
       programming concepts by controlling a robot. The original RUR-PLE comes with a
       self-learning tutorial in several languages that can also be used with Rurple-ng.

       Unlike other programming learning environments, RUR-PLE uses a real world programming
       language (Python) with no modifications or restrictions. Thus the student can move
       directly from programming a robot to real world programs.


       Paul Crowleys Rurple-ng site:

       Git repository:

       RUR-PLE, the predecessor of Rurple-ng:

       Self learning tutorials for RUR-PLE:


       Rurple-ng was originally written by Paul Crowley. This manual page was written by Thomas
       Koch <> for the Debian distribution (but may be used by Others).


       Copyright (C) Paul Crowley. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the
       GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 or newer.

                                            07/22/2018                               RURPLE-NG(1)