Provided by: rustdoc-stripper_0.1.5-1_amd64 bug


       rustdoc-stripper - rustdoc-stripper


   Available options for rustdoc-stripper:
       -h | --help
              : Displays this help

       -s | --strip
              :  Strips  the  specified  folder's  files  and  create  a  file  with doc comments
              ( by default)

       -g | --regenerate
              : Recreate files with doc comments from reading doc comments file  (  by

       -n | --no-file-output
              : Display doc comments directly on stdout

       -i | --ignore [filename]
              :  Ignore  the  specified  file,  can be repeated as much as needed, only used when
              stripping files, ignored otherwise

       -d | --dir [directory]
              : Specify a directory path to work on, optional

       -v | --verbose
              : Activate verbose mode

       -f | --force
              : Remove confirmation demands

       -m | --ignore-macros
              : Macros in hierarchy will be ignored (so only macros with doc comments will appear
              in the comments file)

       -o | --comment-file
              : Specify the file where you want to save/load doc comments

       -x | --ignore-doc-commented: When regenerating doc comments, if doc comments
              are already present, stored doc comment won't be regenerated

       By default, rustdoc-stripper is run with -s option: ./rustdoc-stripper -s

       IMPORTANT: Only files ending with '.rs' will be stripped/regenerated.