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       sage - Open Source Mathematical Software


       SageMath  is  a  free  open-source  mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. It
       builds on top of many existing open-source  packages:  NumPy,  SciPy,  matplotlib,  Sympy,
       Maxima, GAP, FLINT, R and many more. Access their combined power through a common, Python-
       based language or directly via interfaces or wrappers.

   Optional arguments:
       file.[sage|py|spyx] -- run given .sage, .py or .spyx file

       -advanced           -- list all command line options

       -c <cmd>            -- Evaluates cmd as sage code

       -gap [...]          -- run Sage's Gap with given arguments

       -gp [...]           -- run Sage's PARI/GP calculator with given arguments

       -h, -?              -- print this help message

       -inotebook [...]    -- start the *insecure* Sage notebook (deprecated)

       -maxima [...]       -- run Sage's Maxima with given arguments

       -mwrank [...]       -- run Sage's mwrank with given arguments

       --notebook=[...]    -- start the Sage notebook (valid  options  are  'default',  'sagenb',
              'jupyter', and 'export')

       -n, --notebook      -- shortcut for --notebook=default

       -python [...]       -- run the Python interpreter

       -R [...]            -- run Sage's R with given arguments

       -singular [...]     -- run Sage's singular with given arguments

       -sqlite3 [...]      -- run Sage's sqlite3 with given arguments

       -root               -- print the Sage root directory

       --nodotsage         -- run Sage without using the user's .sage directory:
              create and use a temporary .sage directory instead

       -t [options] <--all|files|dir>
              -- test examples in .py, .pyx, .sage, .tex or .rst files

       selected options:
              --long  -  include  lines  with  the phrase 'long time' --verbose - print debugging
              output during the test --sagenb - test all sagenb files --help - show  all  testing

       -v, -version        -- display Sage version information

       usage: sage [options] Try 'sage -h' for more information.


       The  full  documentation  for  sage  is available in the sagemath-doc-en package (and less
       extensive in other languages in the corresponding packages).  It is best accessed via  the
       sage notebook.