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       salliere — Duplicate Bridge Scorer


       salliere [options] -- [commands]  [boards.csv]  [names.csv]


       This manual page documents briefly the salliere command.

       salliere  scores, matchpoints and nicely formats the boards for a duplicate pairs evening.
       The command line is a list of commands followed by two comma-separated files on  which  to

       The  boards  file  must  contain lines with at least board number, NS pair number, EW pair
       number, Contract, Declarer and either tricks or the contract must include whether it  made
       (=)  went  down (-tricks) or made over tricks (+tricks). The names file must list at least
       pair number followed by two comma separated names.

       The commands will add tricks, scores and matchpoint columns to the boards file  and  total
       matchpoints, percentages and local/orange points to the names file as appropriate.

       By  default  the  commands which print results will do so as ascii to stdout.  This can be
       changed with the --output=format:file option. Formats are either pdf, html or txt and file
       is the path to a file or - for stdout.

       The  commands  which format the output require the extra fields to be added either by hand
       or with the appropriate commands so they can be printed.


       Here are a list of the available commands and what they do:

       verify    Checks all the boards look sane; can be used with the --setsize option to  check
                 the movement

       score     Calculates tricks and score for each contract

                 Calculates match points for each hand

       ximp      Calculates cross-imps for each hand

       parimp    Calculates imps vs par for each hand

       total     Calculates the total match points for each pair

       handicap  Calculates the result after applying handicaps for each player

                 Calculates local or orange points for each pair

       results   Prints  all  the  pairs  in order with their total match points, percentages and
                 local/orange points as appropriate

       matrix    Prints a matrix of match points gained on each board by each pair

       boards    Prints out each board with pairs, contract, results and match points

                 Upload results to ecats bridge website

                 Prints out the results of the boards as a team of 4 or team of 8 match


       Here are a list of the available options and what they do:

       --help    Prints the help text

                 Check the movement based on sets of size N. Also used when printing  the  matrix
                 to batch the results

       --orange  Prints "OP" rather than "LP"

       --ximp    Adjusts output for IMPs rather than matchpoints

                 Changes the title on the output

                 Changes  the  output  format and file. Possible formats are pdf, html, htmlfrag,
                 csv or txt.  A file of '-' corresponds to stdout.

                 Prints the par result along with the boards

                 The tricks which can be made on each board for calculating par

                 Current handicaps for individuals

                 Prints the handicaps with each pair

                 When handicapping, center around this number as par

                 Number of players in a team (4 or 8) for overall team scoring

                 The prefix on each pair number to identify which team they are on (eg CU if  the
                 pairs are named CU1, CU2, ...)

                 Options used to send scores to ecats.


       Here are a list of the available options to ecats and what they do.

       clubName  name of club (required)

       session   ECATS session number (required)

       phone     contact phone number (required)

       country   club country (required)

       name      contact name

       fax       contact fax number

       email     contact email

       town      club town

       county    club county

       date      event date

       event     event name


       This  manual  page  was  written by Matthew Johnson <>. Permission is
       granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU General
       Public License, Version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

       On  Debian  systems,  the  complete text of the GNU General Public License can be found in