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       cli.rb:132:in - sass-spec testsuite for Sass implementions


       sass-spec.rb [options] [spec_directory...]


              Run   `sassc  --style  compressed  input.scss`:  ./sass-spec.rb  -c  'sass  --style

              Run tests only in the spec/basic folder: ./sass-spec.rb spec/basic

       This script will search for all files under the spec (or  specified)  directory  that  are
       named  input.scss.  It  will then run a specified binary and check that the output matches
       the expected output. If you want set up your own test suite, follow a similar hierarchy as
       described in the initial comment of this script for your test hierarchy.

       This  command  can also be used to annotate tests to control which tests are ran and when.
       For details: ./sass-spec.rb annotate -h

       Make sure the command you provide prints to stdout.

       -v, --verbose
              Run verbosely

       -V, --version LANGUAGE_VERSION
              Select the Sass Language Version to test.

       -t, --tap
              Output TAP compatible report

       -c, --command COMMAND
              Sets a specific binary to run (defaults to 'ruby-sass')

       --dart PATH
              Run Dart Sass, whose repo should be at the given path.

       --dart-args ARGS
              Pass ARGS to Dart Sass.

       -g, --generate
              Run test(s) and generate expected output file(s).

              Run any tests marked as todo. Defaults to false.

              Run and report tests marked as todo that unexpectedly pass. Defaults to false.

       --impl NAME
              Sets the name of the implementation being tested. Defaults to 'sass'

       --filter PATTERN
              Run tests that match the pattern you provide

       --limit NUMBER
              Limit the number of tests run to this positive integer.

       --output-style STYLE
              Only run tests that have the  specified  output  style.   Legal  values:  expanded,
              compact, nested, compressed, unspecified.

       -r, --root SPEC_DIR
              Root  directory  for  the  specs.  Defaults to the first directory specified if not
              provided or the default spec directory if no directory is specified or if the first
              directory specified is a subdirectory of the default spec directory.

              Copy tests that fail and make them pass for the current version.

              Copy tests that fail and make them pass for the current implementatino.

              Don't show any logs

              Check if any test annotations are unecessary.

              When a test fails, enter into a dialog for how to handle it.

              from ./sass-spec:45:in `<main>'

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