Provided by: savi_1.5.1-3_amd64 bug


       SaVi - satellite constellation visualisation


       SaVi:  supported  command-line  options  include: savi [-large-map] [-levels <n>] [-debug]
       [-fake-geomview] [-redrawn-menus]

              [-map-view-height <no. of  pixels>]  [-map-view-middle  <longitude>]  [-orbit-model
              <J0|J2>]     [filename]

              when SaVi is run standalone. Further flags:

       savi [-geomview] [-dynamic-texture-with-map] [-dynamic-texture-to-file]

              [-gzip-compressed-textures] [-uncompressed] [-no-logo] [-sun-lighting]

              are available when SaVi is run from Geomview.

       SaVi:  savi -help shows this help information at the command line.  savi -version provides
       version information at the  command  line.   savi  -splash  shows  copyright  and  version
       information in a window.

       SaVi was compiled with 'make ARCH=ubuntu' Version 1.4.5 release (30 April 2011)


       The   full   documentation   for  SaVi  is  maintained  as  a  html  manual.   Please  see